We Need a Goat to be Wed!!


So this Wedding was very different but very fun & unique!

When at the Rehearsal walkthrough, the MC & Best Man decided not to go back to the resort but to stay behind and go over certain detilas for their Best Friends Wedding, so they said they will be going to town instead, and will catch up with the Bridal Party later that evening.

To our surprise, they told us they will need a goat, but a pig or chicken will work too. We were a little confused because we had no idea where they were goign with this, so they start to explain… They wanted to put together a Mayan Skit and needed a fire, some water and a Goat/Chicken or pig to be sacrificed, and of course, us being huge animal lovers, we sad of course not, but they promised to not sacrifice anything, but that it was just for their show, so we were able to get them a chicken =)

Conclusion of the story is, the Groom, Stephen, is a horrible dancer, so they offered him the knife to sacrifice the Chicken or else he had to dance… So, he got up & danced and that is how you get the Party Started!!