Let’s Talk About the “First Look”!


Your wedding planning has begun and the decision-making process is full throttle! You’re being bombarded with questions from friends, family members, and yours truly, as we get down to the nitty-gritty involved in creating destination wedding magic. What photographer would you like to hire? What’s your celebration style? How would you like your hair and makeup to look on the big day? It’s overwhelming and we certainly understand if you have NO IDEA what to answer! But one thing you simply must consider early on is whether or not you will schedule a first look. Read on to find out why….

What is a first look?

A first look is a private moment between the bride and groom before the ceremony. It’s the first time you’ll surprise him and the first time he will see you in your gorgeous dress. First looks are great for couples whose nerves are on the rise. A few quiet moments and some gorgeous photographs away from prying eyes are perfect for calming that pre-ceremony anxiety.

I don’t want to see my groom before the ceremony!

Not a problem! If you are a traditional bride not intending to see her Boo pre-ceremony, you’ll have more time to spend “getting ready”. Hair and makeup can finish later than would be possible when scheduling a first look, and you’ll have the pleasure of seeing your groom’s reaction in front of family and friends. Brides opting not to have a first look will be scheduled to have their hair and makeup ready approximately 1.5 hours before the ceremony, giving you plenty of time to slip on the dress, make final touch-ups, and shoot some cute pics for the GRAM! 

 What are the pros and cons of having a first look?

We could write an essay on the topic, but a list is often easier on the eye!


  • You’ll calm those pre-ceremony nerves. 
  • You’ll take care of some of your bride and groom’s portraits prior to the ceremony, meaning you’ll get to enjoy some time with guests during your cocktail hour.
  • Makes for amazing shots! An intimate moment between the two of you before you walk down the aisle, whether it’s a tap on the shoulder or a masked unveiling!


  • You’ll need to have your hair and makeup ready early, so may want to hire a touchup service post-ceremony to ensure your look lasts throughout the evening.
  • It goes against the norm. While not necessarily a bad thing, traditional or superstitious brides, or those with Orthodox parents, may want to opt out of the first look. 

I still don’t know if I should have a first look!

If you aren’t sure, we say skip it! But there are other options for the traditional bride looking for a sweet pre-ceremony moment. Introducing the first touch! It’s just like a first look, without him laying eyes on you. Imagine linking hands separated by that spiraling lobby staircase, or donning those blindfolds and sharing a sweet pre-ceremony embrace. They’re images you will treasure forever without ruining the surprise factor!

Why do I need to decide early?

Whether or not you have a first look will directly affect your hair and makeup and photography/videography timeline. Those having a first look will need to finish their beautification process early, as well as hire additional hours of photography and/or videography to ensure all happenings are captured. It can mean padding the budget for a few extra hours of service, or being up at sunrise to receive your hair and makeup team!

The Conclusion

Whatever you decide, we at Cabo Wedding Services will work to create a detailed timeline of your special day. You’ll know where you need to be and when, as well as have a team member with you every step of the way. And remember, it’s your moment in the spotlight. Whatever your decision, it’s the right one!

Until next time, 

Cabo Wedding Services Team

Bride and Groom doing a First Look at El Ganzo Hotel.
They ended up getting married at Acre, but wanted some pictures at the hotel to have another scenery
Groom waiting for the bride for first look
Bride walking up to the groom for the first look at Acre Baja in Los Cabos Mexico
Bride walking towards the first look at Acre Baja
Groom seeing the Bride for the first time before the ceremony during their first look
Groom waiting for the bride to do the first look
Bride posing for her Wedding Photographer at the Cape Los Cabos
Bride and Groom doing a First Look at The Cape, Thompson Hotel.
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