Wedding Planner

Hi! I'm Jessica, San Diego born and Cabo raised! I love my dogs, my travels, a good glass of wine and a beautiful Cabo sunset. Growing up, I watched my mom's work closely and was inspired by her passion, drive, and dedication. Following in her footsteps really was a no-brainer, and our partnership is now 10 years strong. ! feel truly blessed to be doing what I love alongside family.

I was lucky enough to be schooled in Mexico, meaning I am 100% bilingual. In 2013 I received my Civil Rights & International Corporate Law degree and not a day goes by when I'm not asked why I chose to stay with weddings.

The answer is simple. I love being surrounded by happy, positive people. My organizational skills, attention to detail and creativity ensure my events are unique to each and every couple I design for. I love getting to know my clients throughout the planning process, experiencing new customs, cultures, and traditions.

I make it my priority to keep myself up to date, and am constantly researching design trends, investigating religious wedding customs (Sikh, Hindu, Jewish, etc.) and keeping abreast of my clients´ needs. My motto is:"Do what you love, so you never have to work a day in your life."